The following are presentations made by our AWAKE Team:

  • Irvin, M., Reed, K., Roy, G. J., & Carnes, N. (2017). Pre-service teachers interest in teaching in rural schools. Research presented at 2017 National Forum to Advance Rural Education. Columbus, Ohio.
  • Irvin, M., Harrist, J., Reed, K., & Roy, G. J. (2018). Pre-service teachers interests in teaching in rural schools. Research presented at 2018 South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research. Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Irvin, M., Harrist, J., Roy, G. J., & Limberg, D. (2018). Promoting home grown success in rural South Carolina schools and communities. Research presented at University of South Carolina, College of Education SPARK Talks. Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Limberg, D., Roy, G. J., Irvin, M., Harrist, J. & Moore, C. (2018). Creating collaborative communities: Connecting project based learning and career readiness. Research presented at the South Carolina Education and Business Summit. Greenville, South Carolina
  • Roy, G. J. & Irvin, M. (2018). The challenge of recruiting middle level mathematics teachers in rural communities. Research poster will be presented at the 22nd annual conference of Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. Houston, Texas.
  • Roy, G. J., Limberg, D., Irvin, M., Lottner, C., Harrist, J. & Moore, C. (2018) Center of Excellence for the Advancement of Workforce and Knowledge Economy: Project-based learning professional development for career development facilitators in South Carolina. Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Harrist, J., Irvin, M., Roy, G. J., Limberg, D. (2019) Country livin’: Perspectives of preservice teachers in rural school settings. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association, Toronto, Canada.
  • Harrist, J., Irvin, M., Roy, G. J. (2019) Considering rural: Pre-service and novice teacher perspectives on rural communities. Paper to be presented at National Forum to Advance Rural Education Convention and Symposium, Louisville, Ky.

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